the pool

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Players Use of Equipment

The Pool

Players Use of Equipment

The equipment must meet existing WPA equipment specifications. In general, players are not permitted to introduce novel equipment into the game. The following uses, among others, are considered normal. If the player is uncertain about a particular use of equipment, he should discuss it with the tournament management prior to the start of play. The equipment must be used only for the purpose or in the manner that the equipment was intended.
(a) Cue Stick ? The player is permitted to switch between cue sticks during the match, such as break, jump and normal cues. He may use either a built in extender or an add on extender to increase the length of the stick.
(b) Chalk ? The player may apply chalk to his tip to prevent miscues, and may use his own chalk, provided its color is compatible with the cloth.
(c) Mechanical Bridges ? The player may use up to two mechanical bridges to support the cue stick during the shot. The configuration of the bridges is up to the player. He may use his own bridge if it is similar to standard bridges.
(d) Gloves ? The player may use gloves to improve the grip and/or bridge hand function.
(e) Powder ? A player is allowed to use powder in a reasonable amount as determined by the referee.

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Players Use of Equipment
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