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Take a swim

Healthy Neck

Take a swim

Many forum members note the therapeutic effects that swimming has on back and neck pain. Swimming reduces inflammation, provides quick pain relief, and allows for unrestricted movements. Try the following movements Submerge into the water until the level is up to your neck. Slowly ease into gentle exercises. Now, squat until the water reaches your chin, and then move back and forth and to the right and to the left.If you do not own a pool or cant get to a community pool in the summers or an indoor pool in the winters, take a bath every night to gain a similar therapeutic benefit.

Get Out of Your Slump
Take a 3 minute break every 30 minutes
Relax via holistic treatments
Alternate your hands
Learn more about acupuncture
Do not read or watch television lying down
Rotation to Right
Strategically place ice on certain areas of the body
Center your monitor
Focus on magnesium intake
Lateral Flexion to Left
Avoid situations that trigger neck pain
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