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Nothing Fun About Fungus

Healthy Nails

Nothing Fun About Fungus

Although yeast and other fungi and bacteria are equal opportunity nail invaders, its more likely youll develop a fungal infection in your toenails than your fingernails. This is generally because the fungus that causes an infection in a nail is the same as the one that causes athletes foot. Athletes foot is a common infection; it can develop quickly in warm, moist places, such as inside your socks. To help prevent fungal infections from invading your nails, keep all nails and cuticles clean and dry with a baking soda scrub, dont bite your nails or pick at hangnails (which can open the door to a fungal or bacterial infection), and treat ingrown nails with saltwater soaks to keep them clean and infection free.If you have signs of a foot fungal infection, over the counter topical antifungal medications containing clotrimazole or miconazole can help clear it up, but if the infection gets into or under a nail, you may need prescription strength medication to knock it out.

Load up your meals with protein
DO Daily Moisturizing
Stop biting and picking your nails
Supplements beneficial or bunk
Keep nail files around
Remedies for brittle easily broken nails
Dont forget to take your vitamins
Smooth away dryness with a moisturizing hand cream
Never use your nails as a tool
Weekly nail maintenance ensures long term health
Follow a good diet for nails
Base and top coats are manicure essentials
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