healthy nails

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Stay away from hazardous and harsh chemicals

Healthy Nails

Stay away from hazardous and harsh chemicals

We know what inhaling toxic nail polishes containing formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and toluene can potentially lead to. Choi warns against nail treatments that contain these materials as they will make achieving strong, healthy nails difficult.

Slip into a pair of warm winter gloves before braving the cold
Give your cuticles a much needed massage
Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning
Nail beauty regime
Apply sunscreen before going under a UV or LED light
Use some tricks and remedies to clean your nails and remove stains
DO Daily Moisturizing
Follow a good diet for nails
Weekly nail maintenance ensures long term health
Nothing Fun About Fungus
Trim your nails when they get too long
Supplements beneficial or bunk
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