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Never use your nails as a tool

Healthy Nails

Never use your nails as a tool

When using your fingernails to open boxes, letters or as any last minute tool, you risk bending the nail back, among other things, says Lippmann. The white area, referred to as the stress area, will eventually weaken and break. A lot of us are unaware of how we use our hands, so make a conscious effort to pay close attention to how you use your nails.

Never use your nails as a tool
Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning
Smooth away dryness with a moisturizing hand cream
DO Daily Moisturizing
Keep your fingernails dry and clean
Try to handle more natural items
How Your Nails Might Help With Diagnosis
Trim and file your fingernails regularly
Use some tricks and remedies to clean your nails and remove stains
Give your cuticles a much needed massage
Supplements beneficial or bunk
Remedies for brittle easily broken nails
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