best names at the sochi olympics

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Luca Cunti

Best Names at the Sochi Olympics

Best Names at the Sochi Olympics - Yes perhaps it is immature, not clever and 'mean' to the individ
Luca Cunti

Here is another powerful ice hockey guy Luca Cunti. This man, aged just 24, comes from the snowy Alps of Switzerland. Born on 4 July, 1989, Cunti s height is a neat round figure of 6 feet which makes you wonder how many people have got a crick in their necks talking to this man. Cunti weighs a handsome 85 kg or 187 lbs needed for playing a vigorous game like ice hockey where there is not a moment of rest between runs. Cunti s weight and height are fine, but take a look at his hair. They do look as if they could do with some hair salon job, don t they?

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