ayurvedic medicine


Ayurvedic Medicine


Himalayan cedar wood (E), Deodar (H):

This hardy tree thrives in the high altitude of the western Himalayas. It means 'wood of the gods'. The inner wood is aromatic and is also distilled into essential oil. The outer bark is astringent and is used for diarrhoea and neuralgic pain.

Digestion Used in digestive distension from weak digestion. As it alleviates vata it can reduce intestinal spasms and cramping by relaxing the nervous system and easing flatulence. Very useful in digestive disturbance from nervous tension, it can clear constipation by relaxing and lubricating the bowel. Its hot resinous nature is beneficial for reducing ama from the intestines and excess weight and cholesterol from medas-dhatu. Lungs Its bitter and pungent flavour is the perfect combination to remove kapha; it dries the excess mucus and therefore helps to clear the wet stagnation. Its snigdha and unctuous property loosens phlegm and facilitates expectoration helping to alleviate kapha and dry excess mucus. It is also used when there are fevers that are affecting breathing. Pain Devadaru is an excellent anti-inflammatory that relieves cold, spasm and contraction in the muscles. Its pungent and warm properties increase circulation and relax muscular tension. Use in arthritis, sciatica, headache and pain from high vata.

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