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Precaution while using LPG

What is LPG
Propane and butane
Using LPG
What are the pros
What are the cons
Check the leaking gas
We should not use any open flames
Checked regularly the rubber pipe
Close the cylinder value
Should not keep any hot flames
Store your LPG cylinders
Cylinders should never be placed in closed areas
Safety Tips
Safety Tips for Home
While receiving cylinders
Before Usage
After Usage
Safety when you smell gas
Tips to avoid running out of gas
Exchange cylinders
In situ or tankerfill supply
Single cylinder
Check the level of gas in your cylinders
Be conscious of house guests and new appliances
Plan to order earlier in winter
Ask about delivery arrangements in your area
Allow clear access to your property
Comparison with natural gas
Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas
Adequate ventilation in the home
Regular maintenance of LPG appliances
Keep children away from all LPG appliances
Separate LPG appliances from combustible materials
Proper storage of LPG cylinders
Switch off the cylinder valve
Basic safety rules
LPG Cabinet Heater Safety
Cylinder is kept upright
Do not use unflued LPG appliances in bedrooms
Used correctly
Cylinders should never be placed in closed areas1
Safety Tips for Home 1
LPG is on fire
Call Fire Department immediately
Before igniting the gas
How to handle LPG safely
What to do in case of LPG leaking
What to do when LPG is on fire
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