celebration of nag panchami

Daan on Nag panchami

Celebration of Nag Panchami

Nag Panchami is a traditional worship of snakes or serpents observed by Hindus throughout India .
Daan on Nag panchami

Daandonation is most significant aspect of human life in which even after giving away his most precious possessions he finds blissful solace. Bhandara conducted on nag panchami by vamtantra is more pious and blissful. Giving donations for ann and vastra daan on this day along removes the kaalsarp, rahu, ketu dosha and is carried out for third house shuddhi(For parakarma and wellness of siblings).Nag panchami bhandara will be conducted by us on any one of the holy places for the needy and poor people and also for sadhaks and brahmins. People interested may donate as per their wish as it purifies your yester years sins and also acts as remedy for removal of all doshasgraha shanti.

Customary Ways to Serve and Eat Naag Panchami Food
Historical background of Nag Panchami
Nag Panchami Customs and Traditions
Naga Panchami Rituals
Naga Panchami Story
Daan on Nag panchami
Mythological significance of the festival Nag Panchami
Nag Panchami A mix of faith and superstition
Special Pujas
Legend That Invokes People To Celebrate Nag Panchami
Nagapanchami Puja in South Indian States
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