rules to play olympic decathlon

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Decathletes aim for greatness

Rules to play Olympic Decathlon

Decathletes aim for greatness

In 1912, the USAs Jim Thorpe became the first winner of the decathlon and was allegedly declared the greatest athlete in the world by King Gustav V of Sweden. Later, it surfaced that he broke amateur rules by playing professional baseball (is there anything this guy couldnt do?). His Olympic titles were later reinstated after his death.

Ten thousand is the goal
One event can cost you big time
Talk about some luggage
Theres no faking it
Wrestling was once part of the show
Decathletes are fast on their feet
Decathletes aim for greatness
Youve only got one shot well three
Gold silver and bronze
Talk about back to back to back
Girls sit this one out
Americas got talent
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