emperor ashoka

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The Life of Ashoka the Great

Emperor Ashoka

Emperor Ashoka to a stable and peaceful emperor and he started patronising Buddhism.
The Life of Ashoka the Great

In the history of the world there have been thousands of kings and emperors who call themselves their highnesses, their majesties, and their exalted majesties and so on. They shone for a brief moment, and as quickly disappeared. But Ashoka shines and shines brightly like a bright star, even unto this day.Ashoka was the first ruler to unify all of India. He was also the first Buddhist King who after his conversion to Buddhism attempted to embrace nonviolence and Buddhist principles as part of royal policies Today, he is considered one of Indias greatest leaders.Ashoka the Great ruled India from 273 BC until 232 BC. Despite the acclaim held by H.G. Wells, for many Americans, Ashoka is not well known. This hub is an effort to elucidate the achievements of this historical figure. This is targeted to those who are not familiar with Ashok.

Battle of Kalinga
The First Buddhist King
A Talented Military Leader
Legacy of Ashoka
The Life of Ashoka the Great
Ashoka the Terrible
As Administrator
Great Public Works Projects
Accession to the Throne
Equality for All
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