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Toyota Aygo city car

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Toyota Aygo city car

The new Toyota Aygo is based on revised versions of the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108. The new car gets an updated version of the old car s engine so it will be even more economical and Toyota has worked hard to make the new car quieter on the motorway. More obvious are the striking new looks and the X grille front end that arguably make the Aygo the best looking of the trio. Interior space is also up and the Aygo gets a bigger boot and optional technology such as a seven inch touchscreen, with sat nav, which can be combined with a host of new apps.

Price ?8,595 - ?12,395


  • Fun to drive
  • Very cheap to run
  • More space than the old model

  • Tight rear seats
  • Some cheap-feeling plastics inside
  • Not as much fun as the previous Aygo

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