myth about adoption

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People adopt to save a child

Myth about Adoption

Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child.
People adopt to save a child

Adoption should be chosen because someone wishes to be a parent and provide a child with a family Parenthood is a lifetime commitment whether a child is born into a family or adopted into a family Children do not want saviors; they want parents who will love and nourish them as their children

A birthparent will forget about the child released for adoption
I can get all the information I need on the Internet
Adopted children are more likely to be troubled than birth children
Birthparents who care about their child would never consider adoption
A birth parent or another relative can take an adopted child back
Can I continue with any fertility treatments whilst I apply to adopt
The Hope of Being Adopted
Can I adopt if I smoke
The adoption process is secretive
Only married people can adopt
No one can love a child as much as a birth mother or birth father does
Adopted children grow up feeling bitter and rejected
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