men like in women

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Ability to Impress

Men Like in Women

The term woman is usually reserved for an adult,with the term girl being the usual term for a femal.
Ability to Impress

This actually goes hand in hand with the surprises. A guy is looking for a girl that knows how to impress him. This is not just a girl that can impress him with surprising him, but also with her wit, sense of humor and even a bit of sarcasm! So ladies, what a man wants in a woman is be able to hold her own and to be a little sassy!

Ability to Impress
Unkempt hair
Natural When It Counts
A cheerful attitude
A woman who asks for help
Able to Enjoy Her Food
Isnt Scared to Get Down and Dirty
Lingerie that doesnt match
Intelligence and maturity
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