wonderful cars in the world

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Reliant Robin

Wonderful cars in the world

Reliant Robin

The Reliant Motor Company was founded in 1935 in Tamworth, England, and the small auto manufacturer produced threewheeled vehicles from the start. Threewheeled automobile areclassified as motorcyclesin the UK and thus are cheaper to register and insure. But as so often is the case with cheap motoring, theres a catch. The Robins catch is that it rolls over. Almost everyone can recall a childhood memory of falling off their tricycle and scuffing a knee, and the Robin is exactly like that but with far worse consequences.
This claim admittedly isnt glamorous, but it has earned the car fame, such as being featured on BBCs Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson rolled it numerous times before abandoning it.
And yet the Reliant Robin is statistically the safest car in the United Kingdom. Only 0.9 percent of them are reported being crashed. This is probably because the owners are so careful to avoid ending up on their roof from a quick jerk of the wheel.

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Reliant Robin
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