valentines day chocolates ideas

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Real Chocolate Covered Maraschino

Valentines Day Chocolates Ideas

All the sweets, and sweet ideas, for celebrating Valentine's day with your loved one.
Real Chocolate Covered Maraschino

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love you enough to send the sweetness of Maraschino Cherries decadently doused by Chocolate Dip Delights artisan chocolatiers in the creamy confines of 100% Real dark and milk chocolate. My love is that perfect pop of sweet confection perfectly embellished with white chocolate zig zag drizzles that tempt not only the taste buds, but the eyes. With each mouthwatering bite, I am hoping your heart is mine, lasting long behind that lingering taste sensation of this unforgettable chocolate treat.This assortment of 24 100% Real chocolate dipped marachino cherries arrive in an elegant gift box.

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