rules to play one pocket pool

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Object of the game

Rules to play One Pocket Pool

Object of the game

One Pocketis a game for two players or two teams, where each player or team can only score into one of the two corner pockets on the foot end of the table, while the other player or team can only score into the other corner pocket at the foot end of the table. The other four pockets are neutral pockets, and any balls pocketed in a neutral pocket are spotted at the end of the shooters inning. There is no requirement to call your shotinOne Pocket, and no special order or significance to any numbered object balls. The first player (or team) to legally score eight balls into their own pocket wins the game, whether they pocket their game winning ball by their own shot, or as a result of their opponents shot.The game may be handicapped either by agreement between players or as designated by a tournament director. Standard handicaps are created by adjusting the required winning score for either one or both players, either for all breaks or for specified player s breaks.

Please note that with One Pocket s long tradition of after hours play, many other creative variations in handicapping have been invented over the years. As long as all those involved agree before play begins, virtually everything is negotiable in after hours contests.

Object of the game
Keeping score
Safety play
One PocketRules
Frozen balls
Spotting balls
Continuing play
Keeping track of which pocket is whose
Three fouls in a row
Close calls and conflict resolution
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