ways to get happy

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Go easy on yourself

Ways to Get Happy

Being happy may just be the single most important thing you can do for your health.
Go easy on yourself

Too often, were our own worst enemies. While its good to be aware of mistakes youve made and improvements you can make, beating yourself up on the regular is a surefire way to wind up singing the blues. In fact, experts believe that selfcriticism can just make us more miserable. So instead of dwelling on your every failing, focus on how and why you value yourself. This shift will help make you stronger, more productive, less stressed, and, yes, happier.

Feel the flower power
Choosing to do nothing
Have a good cry
Spread joy
Focus on others
Load up on nutrients
Excessive pride
Have an attitude of gratitude
See the glass as half full
Write it down
The excuses you keep reciting to yourself
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