wonderful cars in the world

Citroen DS

Wonderful cars in the world

Citroen DS

Citroen has always been at the cutting edge of automotive innovation, Their current claim to fame is a small SUV named the Cactus that hasdeformable body panelson the bumpers and sides to eliminate fender benders and parking lot scratches. Citroens most famous car perhaps is the 2CV, noted for bothlooking like a duckand getting France moving after World War II.
The companys DS, which debuted in 1955, came with a suspension so smooth that it was likened to riding on a magic carpet. The tech behind it was revolutionary in using not traditional springs and gasfilled shock absorbers but a combination of hydraulics and pneumatics. This allowed the cars height to be adjusted and could selflevel the car on any road surface for comfort. This feature made the DS a French national hero in 1962 when it most likely saved President Charles de Gaulles life.
While he was on a drive to Orly airport through the Parisian suburbs, assassins opened fire on de Gaulles DS, bursting all four of its tires. The complex suspension adjusted to this unforeseen inconvenience and allowed the car to retreat at full speed, escaping the assailants.
The French president was so grateful that he advocated the DS for the rest of his days in the public eye. When offered a custom armorplated model in 1968, he instead opted to keep the original one that had saved his life?presumably with new tires fitted.

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