wonderful cars in the world

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Dodge Viper RT10

Wonderful cars in the world

Dodge Viper RT10

The Viper was to be a modernday Shelby Cobra, one of the worlds greatest muscle cars. The new car was to be just as pure and bare bones as the Cobra, a counter statement to just how bloated and complicated all cars had become. The design is perhaps the greatest example of a sketch come to life, and when it debuted as a concept car in 1989 at the Detroit Auto show, it caused such a sensation that it was put into production with very few changes to the design and its principles.
The production car of 1992 was legendary for its simplicity. For a price of $50,000, you got a huge engine, a beautiful body, and not much else. Even air conditioning was originally not offered, nor was a permanent top. Not even exterior door handles or side windows made the cut. But even though it had plastic side windows like a tent and side exhausts that would scorch your legs as you exited the vehicle, the Viper has remained one of the worlds most wonderful, albeit strange cars.

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