benefits of victoria plum

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Preparation and serving method

Benefits of Victoria Plum

Preparation and serving method

WashVictoria plum in cold running water just before using. Fresh ripe plums should be enjoyed as a whole along with skin. Incise lengthwise deeply until the hard seed felt and then remove the seed. Skin may be peeled off using paring knife as in apples. However, its peel not only provides good fiber content but also contains some health benefiting antioxidant pigments. Therefore, just wash the fruit and enjoy without discarding the skin. They can also be baked or stewed.

Removes toxins and prevents constipation
Rich in Vitamin A
Minerals like potassium
Get rid of dandruff
Stops Premature Aging
Maintain regular bowel habits
Reduce the appearance of scar
Keeps Heart Healthy
Preparation and serving method
Cholesterol oxidation
Helping in the prevention ofosteoporosis
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