wonderful cars in the world

McLaren F1

Wonderful cars in the world

McLaren F1
British car designer Gordon Murray wanted to implement Formula One technology and spaceage materials to create theultimate road carduring the 1988 Formula One season. With the help of McLaren team principal Ron Dennis, he made that dream a reality.
When it was released in 1993, the McLaren F1 was the most expensive production road car in the world at a staggering $857,000. Only 64 were built. While it has been eclipsed dozens of times in price over the years, it held the production car speed record of 391 kilometers (243 mi) per hour for over a decade from 1993 to 2005.
That was only a byproduct of the amazing engineering behind this mythical car. The F1 was the first production car to be made out of carbon fiber. The leather in the interior was shaved to half the usual thickness to save weight, and the engine bay was lined with gold leaf because gold is the best heat conductor. Every ounce of this car, even the thickness of the washers, was thoughtfully planned and then planned again. The car itself was designed entirely from handdrawn blueprints, its stainless steel instrument dials featured handpainted numbers, and each tachometer needle was individually machined by hand. Despite the performance figures and obsessive attention to detail, the most mesmerizing feature of the F1 is its threeseat configuration. The driver is centrally positioned to better aid in the driving experience.

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