wonderful cars in the world

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Morgan Three Wheeler

Wonderful cars in the world

Morgan Three Wheeler

Morganis a small familybased automobile company headquartered in Malvern, England and founded in 1909. From the very beginning, the company produced threewheelers, and when inspecting their modern take on their classic design, youd be hardpressed to find any differences. Besides looking like a relic from the past, the modern threewheeler is constructed in ways that even boutique auto manufactures abandoned long ago, with 40,000 paint colors and 50 different leather options to choose from.
The threewheeler uses a ?bombrelease starter button and airplane instrument gauges. But perhaps the most fascinating thing about Morgan cars is the use of ash wood for the frame instead of metal. This reduces weight and aids in the overall feel of driving.
If the car is still too tame for your vintage aircraft tastes, there exists an optional extra to ditch the paint and have the handformed aluminum body polished to a mirror shine.

Morgan Three Wheeler
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