wonderful cars in the world

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Ferrari 250 GTO

Wonderful cars in the world

Ferrari 250 GTO

Every year, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) gives an award to the manufacturer whose car performs best in races over the course of the season. The first few years that it awarded this title, the FIA focused on sports prototypes. Then in 1962, it changed its rules, allowing only cars that weremassproduced for the public. To stay in the running, Ferrari needed a new model, and it needed to produce several units.
The result was the 250 GTO. Ferrari built 36 of them, which was a lot for a unique racing model but a tiny number by any other measure. As a result, the cars prices at auction today are nothing short of astounding. The most expensive car ever sold at auction was a 250 GTO bought in 2014 for a hair over $34 million.
For that price, youre buying more than just a car because each GTO was slightly different. Each aluminum body was handbeaten over pieces of wood, and thus each one isnt a precise copy. Some were even slightly asymmetrical. Their fiery Italian engines werent all the same, either. While the mechanics were supposed to aim for 295 horsepower from each unit, some engines were more powerful than others.
These cars werent mere automobiles then but pieces of art. So if youre very rich and want a centerpiece for your home, park one of these in place of that original Picasso.

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