benefits of bamboo shoots

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How to Buy BambooShoot

Benefits of Bamboo Shoots

How to Buy BambooShoot

Bamboo shoots can be bought fresh from the market or purchased in the canned forms. While the fresh ones are white and hairless, the canned versions are light yellow since they are slightly boiled beforehand. They may either be canned or sliced. Short and firm bamboo shoots are ideal. To check for freshness, look out for the colour i.e. they should be a creamy yellow. Avoid old or long bamboo shoots as they are woodier but the soft ones are no better as they taste stale and extremely bitter.

Additional Benefits
Regular consumption of bamboo shoots
Corrects Irregular Menstrual Cycles
Spiritual Healing
Lowers Cholesterol Levels
Induces Labor
Bamboo shoots may be huge and thick
More valuable
Bamboo leaves
General Information
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