benefits of bamboo shoots

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Preparation and serving methods

Benefits of Bamboo Shoots

Preparation and serving methods

Raw bamboo shoots from the market should be processed before adding them in cooking. The whole process of shoots preparation has two steps; peeling its outer tough sheaths and de toxification of its inner meat in order to remove bitter compounds. One of the easier methods to peel bamboo shoot is to cut it lengthwise into two halves. Then peel its outer leaves starting from the base and working on towards the tip. Tim away any tough portion at the base. Then dice the shoot to your desired sizes. Place the cubes in a bowl of cold water.

Corrects Irregular Menstrual Cycles
Vitamins and Minerals
Function as nutraceuticals
Faster Recovery from Wounds
Delicious dish
Bamboo Shoot Storage Tips
Low in Calories
Highly Nutritious
Lowers Blood Pressure
How to Buy BambooShoot
Natural Diuretic
High Levels of Potassium
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