jogging tips and guidelines

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The Up Beats Down Rule

Jogging Tips and Guidelines

Jogging Tips and Guidelines
The Up Beats Down Rule

Running uphill slows you down more than running downhill speeds you up. So, you can expect hilly runs to be slower than flat runs. You dont get all of the energy that you expend going uphill back when you run downhill, explains Nimbus Couzin, Ph.D., a marathon running physics instructor at Indiana University Southeast. Thats because when your feet strike the ground on a descent, a lot of energy is lost. The Exception When you run point to point with a net elevation drop, your average pace should be faster than on a flat course.

Do one session a week to start
The best time for jogging
The Sleep Rule
Use good equipment
The Race Recovery Rule
The Long Run Pace Rule
The Hard Easy Rule
The 10 Degree Rule
Rest the day after
The New Shoes Rule
Warm up before jogging
The Seven Year Rule
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