jogging tips and guidelines

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The Finishing Time Rule

Jogging Tips and Guidelines

Jogging Tips and Guidelines
The Finishing Time Rule

The longer the race, the slower your pace. How much slower? Jack Daniels and J.R. Gilbert spent years compiling a table see Predict Your Performance that shows how much you should expect to slow down from one race distance to the next. We did some curve fitting to come up with a formula that generates a pseudo VO2 max for each race time, says Daniels. They sweated the math; now you just need to sweat the race. The Exception Terrain, weather, or how you feel on race day could all throw off the tables accuracy.

The Dont Just Run Rule
The Heads Beats Tails Rule
Warm up before jogging
The Up Beats Down Rule
The Tempo Pace Rule
The Familiar Food Rule
The Conversation Rule
The Even Pace Rule
Safety during the run
Focus on proper running form
Perform an increase
The Finishing Time Rule
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