jogging tips and guidelines

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Use good equipment

Jogging Tips and Guidelines

Jogging Tips and Guidelines
Use good equipment

Not a major factor, but a good jogging equipment also includes important. Use proper running shoes. Among them is to use a shoe that is lightweight and has a comfortable and enough material to breathe. Make sure the shoes are running shoes, not shoes for walking, also do not wear sandals. My advice is to choose shoes that are well known quality, maybe a bit expensive but it will become your health investment because it is more durable. Use socks, T shirts or sportswear with a material that can absorb sweat well for example cotton.

Rest the day after
The Up Beats Down Rule
The Seven Year Rule
The 10 Degree Rule
Focus on proper running form
The 20 Mile Rule
Dont start too fast
The 10 Percent Rule
The Speedwork Pace Rule
Dont force your body
The 10 Minute Rule
The Even Pace Rule
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