car maintenance

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Check the tyre condition

Car Maintenance

Best expert advice, amazing tricks, and car care tips to extend the life of your dream car.
Check the tyre condition

In winter season, the old and overused tyres get cracked that low downs the tyre grip and stability. Also ensure that you never over inflate the tyres as it might damage the tyres. The tyre pressure should be lower than the tyre pressure that you inflate in summers. Suppose in summer season, the tyre pressure of your car is 35 then your tyre pressure in winter should be 30.

Battery Replacement
Check headlights and taillights
Maintain the tyre pressure
Check Engine oil periodically
Wax coating
Keep the front screen clear
Avoid doing multi tasks while driving
Listen music at a reasonable volume
Go easy with acceleration
Inspect the windshield washer fluid of your car
Replace the wipers
Check the brakes
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