benefits of yams

Dioscorea dumetorum

Benefits of Yams

Dioscorea dumetorum

The bitter yam, is popular as a vegetable in parts of West Africa; one reason being that their cultivation requires less labor than other yams. The wild forms are very toxic and are sometimes used to poison animals when mixed with bait. It is said that they have also been used for criminal purposes (Kay 1987).

Yam is a versatile vegetable
Promotes Blood Circulation in the Scalp
Yam is an important dietary element
Good Source of Vitamin B6
Good source of potassium
Increased Cognition
Aids Digestion and Improves Bowel Habits
Heals Skin Diseases and Cures Respiratory Problems
Yam Fun Facts
Hydrates Scalp
Side effects of Yam
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