wardrobe management

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Wardrobe Management

Does your heart sink when you open your wardrobe.
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Reap the benefits of your well managed wardrobe. Spend the money you have saved on accessories shoes, bags, belts, scarves and costume jewellery. The fun stuff. Even your oldest clothes will look out of this world, because those are the items that ring the changes, making them look different and up to date.Any woman can look a billion dollars, even if those dollars are lacking. Being well dressed has little to do with money but with good, old fashioned commonsense.

Simple ways to manage your wardrobe
Fabrics and Care
Take photos of the looks that work
Buying Clothes with a Wardrobe Mentality
How to keep clothes in other sizes
Does the style suit me
Clean and make wardrob
Get a second opinion
Invest in good fabrics they last longer
Discard the unfashionable
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