benefits of yams

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Source of Energy and Antioxidant

Benefits of Yams

Source of Energy and Antioxidant

Yams contain complex carbohydrates and fibre which gradually slow the rate at which sugars are released and absorbed in the mainstream. Being high in fibre, yam keeps you full without putting on those extra kilos. Yams are also a good source of manganese, a mineral that aids carbohydrates metabolism and is very important for energy production and antioxidant defences.

A Look at Yam Diosgenin and Menopausal Symptoms
Side effects of Yam
Health Benefits of Yam
Protection Against Cardiovascular Disease
Delays Ageing Signs
Several essential vitamins and minerals
Alzheimerands disease
Increases Nutrient Absorption of the Body
Adding yams to your regular diet
Dioscorea trifida
Low Glycemic Index Healthy Food
Preparation and serving methods
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