most favourite disney princes

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Most Favourite Disney Princes


Of the Disney princes, Aladdin is the only protagonist of his story, though he has share the spotlight with Genie. He is also the first Disney hero who are not born with royal blood. Aladdin is a prince by marriage. His rags to riches tale begins with his everyday struggle on the streets as an orphaned thief. He has a heart of gold who provides for his pet monkey and befriends the Genie who could be his slave. He has quick wit to save a kingdom. He feels guilty for lying to his love. He lives in the moment. All in all, he is just who should be a prince. Did we mention he can sing to win your heart?

Most Favourite Disney Princes
Prince Philip
Prince Simba
Prince Eric
Special Mentions
Prince Henry
Prince Florian
Flynn Rider
Prince Naveen
The Beast
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