rules to play kite flying

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The line

Rules to play Kite Flying

The line

The line is a very important part of kite fighting since it is used to cut down the kites of your opponent. A traditional Asian fighting kite will have a thin line made from hemp or cotton. The line is coated with rice glue and finely crushed glass. In some regions, the lines are even fitted with metal knives that are used to hook and cut the lines of other players. Knives can also be attached to the tail or to the kite itself. Modern Asian fighter kites often have synthetic lines coated with stronger glue and various abrasives. There are also reports of metallic lines. To avoid cutting yourself on your own abrasive line, kite fighters normally coat only the upper part of their line the part closes to the kite with abrasive material. Gloves are often worn for added protection.

Avoid flying a kite near public roads
Line art
Pay attention to the wind direction
Kite fighting rule
Highest flying angle
Light wind
Kite fighting accidents
Find a buddy
Stand with your back to the wind
The line
Pick the right space
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