best android games to play right now

Puzzle & Dragons

Best Android Games to Play Right Now

Puzzle & Dragons

Given that mobile phones are more ubiquitous than Game Boys ever were, Puzzle & Dragons could very well be the Pokemon of this generation (at least until the Western release ofYo Kai Watch). P&D uses a similar premise that has you capturing, leveling, and eventually evolving any of the wildly diverse creatures you encounter, hopeful to attain one of the ridiculously rare monsters froma pool of thousands. But its the addictive match three gameplay thatll really suck you in; though it initially appears to function like Bejeweled, theres a wealth of complex tactics for pushing tiles around the board to line up absurd combos. When you finally grasp the technique, each turn makes you feel like youre orchestrating a glorious symphony of colored orbs.

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Puzzle & Dragons
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