best android games to play right now

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80 Days

Best Android Games to Play Right Now

80 Days

It sure does sound romantic to take a whirlwind adventure around the globe, but somebody has to actuallyplanall that travel, y know. In the case of 80 Days, it s you as Passepartout, valet to the massively unappreciative Phileas Fogg. Gorgeous visuals and crisp writing accompany you as you try to find the best route around the world, while keeping an eye on your finances and trying not to lose any luggage. The path you take is yours to choose, as are the experiences you ll have along it. Avoid getting caught up in the brewing revolution (or dont!), chat with the mysterious redhead in the train, shop the bazaar, or just wander through the streets at night. Fogg may be the headliner, but that doesn t mean you can t have some adventures of your own.

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