benefits of onions

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Strong nervous system

Benefits of Onions

Strong nervous system

For good memory and strong nervous system, consuming onions is your best bet. When we get quercetin by eating an onion rather than consuming the quercetin in purified, supplement form we may end up getting better protection from oxidative stress. Thats exactly what happened in an animal study where some animals had yellow onion added to their diet in a way that would provide the same amount of quercetin provided to other animals in the form of purified quercetin extracts.

Use in Acidity
Improvement of blood sugar balance
Use in Insomnia
Cure in insomnia
Green Onions or Spring Onions
Cure menstrual disorders
Ancient healing
Relief from body pains
To Protect Teeth
Use in Asthma
Lightens the Complexion
Use in Dyspepsia
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