benefits of onions

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Benefits of Onions

Ancient healing
Nutritional highlights
Vitamin C
Reduce inflammation
Onions have anti biotic
Rich in sulphur
Cure for fever
Slow down the bleeding
Cure in insomnia
Improve digestive system
Can cure burnt skin
Colon cancers
From Osteoporosis and Atherosclerosis
Increases insulin in the body
Protects the good cholesterol
Help in joints
Relief from body pains
Tricks to remove dark patchesor pigments
Cure ear and eye problems
Used for toothaches
Help in removing moles
Strong nervous system
Cure menstrual disorders
Get rid of lice and hair fall
Anti ageing Benefits
Treatment of Acne
Lightens the Complexion
Treatment of Dark Spots and Pigmentation
Treatment of Stings and Bites
Treatment of Thinning Hair
Treatment of Hair Loss and Dandruff
Maintains Hair Color
Natural Conditioner
Onions can be added to salads
Cardiovascular Benefits
Support for Bone and Connective Tissue
Anti Inflammatory Benefits
Cancer Protection
Improvement of blood sugar balance
Help prevent bacterial infection
Use as food source
Use in study
Use in Ayurveda and herbal therapy
Yellow Onions
Red Onions
White Onions
Green Onions or Spring Onions
Nutritional Components Of Onions
Use in Insomnia
Use in Heat Stroke or Sunstroke
Use in Ear Problems
Use in Baldness
Use in Digestion Problems
Use in Acidity
Use in Dyspepsia
Use in Asthma
To Protect Teeth
To Protect Against Heart Failure
Use for Snake Bite
In Cold and Cough
To Increase Mothers Milk
Antioxidants and anitibotics
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