rules to play roller soccer

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The skaters

Rules to play Roller Soccer

The skaters

a The match shall be played by two 2 teams each consisting of five skaters. A further five skaters may act as substitutes. Maximum team size is ten skaters.

b There is no designated goalkeeper. Any number of onfield skaters may tend the goal but the use of handsarms is strictly forbidden and will result in either a free kick if the offence is outside the penalty area or a penalty kick inside the penalty area in favour of the opposing side.

c Substitutions. All substitutions not in the field of play must remain out of the playing area until a substituting onfield skater has left the field. There is no limited to the number of substitutions however each one must occur at the entrance to the sports hall. Under no circumstances should a team have more than 4 skaters on the playing area at any one time. The match referee will deal with such instances as and how he or she feels fit.

Determination of position
Passing the Star
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Safety concerns
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