rules to play roller soccer

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Start of play

Rules to play Roller Soccer

Start of play

a At the beginning of a game the choice of ends shall be decided by the toss of a coin.
b Play shall be started by the referee dropping the ball on to the centre mark between one skater from each side, each of whom shall stand not less than 1 metre from the centre mark.
c After a goal has been scored the game shall restart from the corresponding goal with all skaters of the scoring side in their own half.
d After any other stoppage the game shall be re started by the referee dropping the ball at a point nearest to where it was when play was suspended.
The referee shall not drop the ball within 2 metres of the lines marking the goal areas or within 2 metres of surrounding walls, side lines or barricades, if in use.

Safety concerns
Extra time
Fouls and misconduct
Passing the Star
Determination of position
Duration of the game
Free kicks
The ball
Skaters equipment
Division levels
Ball in and out of play
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