rules to play 3 ball pool

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Rules to play 3 Ball Pool


Three ball has some fairly crazy terminology when it comes to scoring a tie match. For three ball games played for money, the common all tie or everyone ties, or push are often used. This is where two or more players end up in a tie for the minimum score, and thus, all players return to play again. Note that those players with higher scores also return for the rematch. This is known as if one tie, all tie or if two tie, all tie. As long as the players are willing to ante in to the rematch, they are able to stay in the game. In such situations, however, more tied scores often result, causing the pot of cash to grow even bigger with more ante money.

Ball Scoring
Foul Rules
Money pocket
Next person in line
Ball Call Shot
Tally everyones score
Continue shooting
Shoot three rounds total
Ball Money Pocket
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