rules to play 3 ball pool

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Ball Scoring

Rules to play 3 Ball Pool

Ball Scoring

Three ball scoring is typically tracked on a chalkboard or a white board, or a piece of paper. Players wimply write down the number of points each player has. It has been noted that during play, it is customary to call out the current score in the format of thats three shooting four. It is worth noting that when calling out the score, players dont say thats three shooting for four so as to prevent confusion. In order to prevent disruption to the flow of the game, players call out the score during the course of each players turn at the table, rather than record he score after each stroke. This also prevents cheating on the part of the score keeper. Scores are typically recorded after a player has finished their turn at the table. Some players elect to play a serious requirements variant of 3 ball pool whereby pocketing all three balls on the break shot, or committing any foul will result in the automatic loss of the game. When the automatic loss occurs, the shooting player takes the full score of eight points. It has been noted that since this score can technically be tied, it is not truly an instant loss of game.

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Ball Scoring
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