benefits of rambutan fruits

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Rambutan Puree

Benefits of Rambutan fruits

Rambutan Puree

Rambutan Puree is prepared from carefully selected fruits that are analyzed for color appearance and flavor. Premium quality fruits are washed, deseeded and the extracted pulp is pasteurized and frozen. Rambutan puree can be used in various juice applications, smoothies, energy drinks, ice creams and sorbets. The rambutan puree is processed under good manufacturing practices and is free of any additives or preservatives. The Thai manufacturing facility is Kosher certified and the product is manufactured under a certified quality control system and HACCP regulations. Frozen rambutan puree is packed in 40 lb pails.

To treat fever
Good source of beta carotene
Strengthen Bones
Help an individual prevent bowel problems
Healthy digestion
Rambutan is rich in sugar
Increasing Energy
Blood Formation
Boosts Energy
Rambutan Tree
Cures Fever
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