rules to play underwater photography

Get Comfortable Underwater

Rules to play Underwater Photography

Get Comfortable Underwater

One of the most important elements of underwater photography is feeling comfortable in the environment. Remember that the photographer becomes a floating platform on which the camera rests. The ability to swim welland in some instances fast, to catch up with the subjectis a must have skill.

One of the advantages of shooting while scuba diving rather than snorkeling is that you can spend long periods in deeper water, closer to marine life. To be successful at shooting underwater while scuba diving, you must master flotation and have control of where you are at all times. Having said this, a lot of my most successful images were made at the surface, where the light is abundant and where most of the big guys, like whales and sharks, can be found.

Available Light
Understand Marine Life
Enjoy the Experience
Check out the judges
Colour balance
Get Comfortable Underwater
White balance
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