tips to succeed in love

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Up the numbers

Tips to succeed in Love

There is an art and science to building strong relationships.
Up the numbers

Dating is, in some respects, a numbers game. Can you find life long love with your first boyfriend? Sure, its possible but not very probable. For most couples, it takes meeting and spending time with lots of potential partners before discovering the right match. Just as weve all met couples who, by all appearances, have been successful at finding true love, weve all met singles who complain they are unlucky in love and yet hole up at home, never making efforts to meet and mingle with potential partners or venture into relationships. If you want to find yourself part of a successful, happy couple you cant be a wallflower. When it comes to meeting eligible partners, increase your numbers and youll increase your chances.

Create a we that can house two Is
Push beyond your limitations
Listen to each other
Partner heal thyself
He understands the paradox of generosity
Go above and beyond
Connect with the different parts of yourself
Make repair attempts
Love well
Set forth your intentions
He sees love as a journey
Seek out necessary resources
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