tips to succeed in love

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Tips to succeed in Love

There is an art and science to building strong relationships.
1. Get clear
How can you know what is expected of you if you are not clear about what exactly you are trying to achieve? In the workplace you must get clear direction from your superior. In your relationships you have to have an open dialog about what you are trying to gain collectively and what are you bottom line of needs. Likewise, if you are currently not in a relationship or on a job, you should get a blank journal book for each and begin to clearly define for yourself what you require to be happy and successful in your career and at home. Be specific in your wants, needs and desires so that you can begin to focus your energy toward those things and most certainly, when you believe that it is possible for you then you will begin to see opportunities open for you in the direction of your vision.
2. Set forth your intentions
You cannot hit a target if you cannot see it. Once you have become clear about what you want from your career and in your love life then you can start to visualize yourself in that space. If you have been unfulfilled in past relationships, with lovers and workplace it will be challenging get out of the cycle of being unfulfilled. Visualizing yourself as you would like to experience your relationships and successful career opens your mind on a subconscious level to the belief that obtaining these things is actually a possibility for YOU. Hitting your target is much easier if you can see what it is that you are aiming for, so set forth your intentions.
3. Seek out necessary resources
When you stop learning you should be dead I mean that literally. The time to learn is now and always. Read books, go to seminars, buy programs that will help you advance, attend retreats, talk to your mentors, have lunch with the CEO of your company and other successful people in life, and do whatever it takes to develop the necessary tools for obtaining massive success, abundance and overflowing love. No need to wait until the need arises to learn a new skill, by that time you are already behind the curve. Add the knowledge to your toolbox and when needed you will instinctively use what you already know.
4. Push beyond your limitations
While comfort zones are comfortable, they are also limiting. Sometimes we get caught in these comfort zones and mistake them for what is meant to be but youll find that if you are willing to push yourself out of this space you will likely be met with success and happiness beyond your imagination. If youve only ever dated one type of person then open yourself to others. African American women are notorious for this by exclusively dating within the race, but the love of her life may not be of her nationality and by limiting herself; shell never have the opportunity to find out. If youve only ever worked one type of job, it may be time to adapt your skill set and look into another. Theres the old adage that says if you do what youve always done then youll get what youve always gotten. That couldnt be more truthful. Is it time for you to push beyond your limitations?
5. Go above and beyond
Dont be afraid to take on new challenges without being instructed to do so. Take the initiative to do more than is expected of you. Since mediocrity is the norm your enthusiastic efforts to do more will be noticed and presumably rewarded. More importantly, you will begin to have higher standards for yourself which will undoubtedly set you apart from the rest. And as you know, top quality positions take top quality people to fill them; professionally and personally. If it is your intention to secure a worthy position in your career and love life, then it is up to you to standout from the crowd.
6. Take action now
Procrastination can be your worst enemy. The most common reasons that people procrastinate is because they dont know where/how to begin, it appears overwhelming, they havent obtained the proper resources and they are afraid of change. Rarely is it because they are lazy. Laziness is something completely different. There is no better time than now to take action toward achieving your own success and happiness. NOW is the right time to get clear, set forth your intentions, seek out the necessary resources, push beyond your limitations, and to go above and beyond. Are you not worth a successful career, a happy home and enjoying the love of your life? It is up to you to put your plan in motion.
7. He sees love as a journey
Less than successful lovers often think that winning a womans heart is a once and for all event. Not so. Our man does not see his partner as territory on a map to be surrounded and captured, but as an equal traveling companion through lifes adventures. He knows she must be wooed, won, and wowed every day if he hopes to enjoy her company for a few more miles.
8. He is not in a hurry
Since love is a journey with no end, there is no point rushing toward some moment of arrival. Men who do so often consider their relationship a done deal and stop doing the work to maintain and deepen it. The successful partner understands that it takes time to truly get to know someone and build the trust necessary for genuine intimacy. Always.
9. He holds out for the best
He doesnt sacrifice long term happiness for momentary entertainment. In other words, the man who succeeds at love has patience enough to wait for it even when hes really tired of waiting. Thats not to say he sits at home alone flipping through TV channels every night. Hes engaged with the world and has his eyes open for signs of romantic possibility. But he knows enough to see a partners potential as it really is, not simply as hed like it to be. He isnt afraid to move on when necessary.
10. He understands the paradox of generosity
Many men mistakenly equate overt affection and attentiveness the very things most women say they want from a man with appearing weak or needy. The playground pecking order is unkind to boys who dont quickly learn to avoid these things like the plague. So he projects strength through a rough and even miserly emotional exterior. The man destined to succeed in forming a balanced relationship with his woman has moved past all that. He understands that romantic generosity does not diminish him in any way quite the opposite! The more he gives his partner, the more he receives in return, and the more enjoyable the journey becomes.

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