tips to succeed in love

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Push beyond your limitations

Tips to succeed in Love

There is an art and science to building strong relationships.
Push beyond your limitations

While comfort zones are comfortable, they are also limiting. Sometimes we get caught in these comfort zones and mistake them for what is meant to be but youll find that if you are willing to push yourself out of this space you will likely be met with success and happiness beyond your imagination. If youve only ever dated one type of person then open yourself to others. African American women are notorious for this by exclusively dating within the race, but the love of her life may not be of her nationality and by limiting herself; shell never have the opportunity to find out. If youve only ever worked one type of job, it may be time to adapt your skill set and look into another. Theres the old adage that says if you do what youve always done then youll get what youve always gotten. That couldnt be more truthful. Is it time for you to push beyond your limitations?

Create a we that can house two Is
Try to make him happy
Make peace with your sexuality
Partner heal thyself
Get clear
Everyone is different
Develop Compassion
He sees love as a journey
Set forth your intentions
Improve your social skills
Make repair attempts
He holds out for the best
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