rules to play rubiks cube

Last U D edges

Rules to play Rubiks Cube

Rubik's Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle,Originally called the Magic Cube.
Last U D edges

Since EM1 affects FD, there will be one edge in U and one in D that cannot be settled by EM1. Solve them simultaneously as follows
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Move the edge required at FD to UF (using some form of EM1B), and the edge required at UF to BR using Mn; then
EM1BR will capture BR into UF, while at the same time moving UF to FD.
This assumes that at least one of the two required pieces is in the M slice. It does not work if FD and UF are occupying each others location. In that case, we consider it as an edge exchange (FD,FU) and settle them later.

Last U D edges
Try to execute your plan
Permute the corners
The Strategy of 8 Corners
Think of a logical order of solving the pieces
C edges
Try speed solving
Twists and Flips
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