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Kelly Pool

Cut Throat Pool Game

Kelly Pool

Kelly pool, also named Pill or Peas, is played with anywhere from two to 15 players. Additional equipment called peas get used in combination with the regular pool accessories. Players can purchase peas at stores that sell billiards equipment. The pea pieces represent the 15 pool balls. Players start Kelly by drawing three peas. The peas you choose remain a secret from anyone else who is playing. Starting a game requires you to hit the cue ball with the goal of putting it in contact with either the lowest numbered ball or the highest on the table. After the high or low number gets hit, you sink the ball that matches the number on your pea. You win after you have sunk a ball that matches the number on your pea; or, you pocket the ball of the last remaining player.

Multigame scoring
Understand the Rules
Obtain the proper equipment
Coinoperated table play
More players
Winning the game
Cut Throat
Kelly Pool
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