how to use social networking sites for beginners

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This will be where you add a photo to your profile

How to Use Social Networking Sites for Beginners

This will be where you add a photo to your profile

The words Set your profile picture will be the first words you see on this page. There will be the options of Upload a Photo and under in gray font you will see From your computer . This option will allow you to pick a photo that you have saved to your computer as the profile picture. Divided by a line with the word OR in the middle, will be the second option. This option is Take a Photo and in gray font under it is With your webcam this allows you to take a picture from your computer and put on your Facebook account with a webcam if you have one. Once the picture is uploaded you can now click the Save & Continue button. The skip button right next to the Save & Continue button will now allow you proceed without uploading a picture. Once you click the button or the skip option you can move on to see your profile.

The next page will bring three steps the first one is Find friends
How to Use fb
How Facebook Timeline Profile Works
This video basically explains the basic layouts for Facebook
Control Who Sees What
Ticker Appears on the Right
The second way to locate and keep track of your applications is this easy step
News Feed Appears on your Home Page
Now youll enter your profile information
Facebook applications can be anything from virtual pets
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