how to use social networking sites for beginners

News Feed Appears on your Home Page

How to Use Social Networking Sites for Beginners

News Feed Appears on your Home Page

When each user signs in, they are shown a home page containing a personalized stream of information that Facebook calls the news feed or stream; its full of information posted by their friends.The news feed appears in the middle column of the home page. You can always return to your personal home page by clicking the Facebook icon at upper left on every Facebook page.In the news feed are posts or status updates that a users friends have posted to the network, typically shown only to their Facebook friends. Each user sees a different news feed based on who their friends are and what those friends are posting. The feed can include more than just text messages; it can also contain photos and videos. But the main point is that this stream of updates on your home page is all about your friends and what theyre posting.

Find and Connect with Friends on Facebook
News Feed Appears on your Home Page
The second way to locate and keep track of your applications is this easy step
News Feed
Did you ever want to track what your Facebook apps are doing
The Status Update
The next page will bring three steps the first one is Find friends
Internal Messages
Status Updates
Now youll enter your profile information
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