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Gorilla Safari Uganda and Rwanda

Epic Travel Destinations

A roundup of the 15 most amazing places to visit around the world.
Gorilla Safari Uganda and Rwanda

The magnificent and misty mountains of Rwanda and Uganda are one of the last places on Earth that gorillas still thrive. In the dense vegetation, you can find four of the five spectacular Great Apes

Climb a Mountain for a Cup of Tea China
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Hike the Most Dangerous Path in the World Malaga Spain
Swim Between Two Continents Iceland
Explore the Unknown Papua New Guinea
Enter the Ice Age Alaska
Become a Buddhist Monk for a Month Tibetan Himalayas
Saami Reindeer Migration Arctic Circle Norway
Go Caving in Mammoth Cave National Park Kentucky USA
Cross the Sahara Desert with Salt Traders North Africa
Walking Safari with the Maasai People Tanzania
Volcano boarding Leon Nicaragua
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