movie plot holes and paradoxes

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Armageddon Why train up drillers

Movie Plot Holes and Paradoxes

Top film scripts introduced unclear plot points and broke the rules they had established.
Armageddon Why train up drillers

I think this Ben Affleck quote from the film s commentary says it better than I ever could, and also underlies why picking out plot holes is an ultimately futile pursuit

The Usual Suspects Keyser Soze shows his face to everyone
The Avengers Why dont they bother keeping an eye on Bruce Banner
Iron Man 2 The Whiplash master plan
Independence Day Mac compatible aliens
The Hangover Doug just sits there
The Butterfly Effect Proving time travel
The Amazing Spider Man Lizards rubbish plan
The Lion King Scar lets Simba go
Batman & Robin Its er one flaw
The Matrix Blocking the sun
Avatar Go back home
Star Trek What was Nero doing for 25 years
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