things psychology tells you about yourself

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7 plus or minus 2

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself
7 plus or minus 2

You may have heard about the 7 plus or minus two rule. Psychology tells us that you can only store between 5 and 9 chunks of information in your short term memory at a time. A chunk, however, can consists of several pieces of related data. Consider your phone number. It has a country code, area code, and then one or two more sets of numbers. Although this can be over 14 numbers long, it is usually grouped into several chunks and therefore falls well into our short memory range.

On average it takes you 66 days to form a habit
Most of your decisions are subconscious
More people means less desire to compete
Anticipation trumps experience
You overestimate your reaction to future events
Your brain is just as busy when you sleep
7 plus or minus 2
Groups are also easily swayed
Others are more easily influenced than you
You have a friend limit
You choose and vote for the first person on the list
The ability to delay gratification starts young
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