things psychology tells you about yourself

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Red and blue is hard on your eyes

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself
Red and blue is hard on your eyes

In a study done outside of a supermarket not too long ago researchers set up a tasting table with 6 varieties of jam. They then alternated this table with a much larger selection of 24 jams. What they found was that although more people stopped for a taste at the 24 jam table, almost 6 times as many made a purchase at the 6 jam table. This can be attributed to the fact that although we think we want more, our brains can only handle so much input at a time (#24).

You imagine things from above and tilted
More people means less desire to compete
You cant multitask
Anticipation trumps experience
You reconstruct your memories
You have a friend limit
The ability to delay gratification starts young
Your most vivid memories are often flawed
You blame a persons behavior on their personality
Your mind wanders 30 persent of the time
You read faster with longer lines but prefer shorter
You can sustain a high level of attention for approximately 10 minutes
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