things psychology tells you about yourself

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Groups are also easily swayed

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself
Groups are also easily swayed

Not only are groups poor at making decisions, they are also easily swayed by dominant self serving personalities who manage to play off of the groups spirit. In spite of this, however, studies still tell us that two heads are usually better than one.

You cant multitask
You choose and vote for the first person on the list
You overestimate your reaction to future events
Repetition physically changes your brain
Anticipation trumps experience
Red and blue is hard on your eyes
You have a friend limit
You blame a persons behavior on their personality
Most of your decisions are subconscious
You imagine things from above and tilted
On average it takes you 66 days to form a habit
Your brain is just as busy when you sleep
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