things psychology tells you about yourself

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You reconstruct your memories

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself
You reconstruct your memories

Because we experience our memories as mini movies that play in our heads we tend think that our memories are stored away as complete little files much the same as a video on your computers hard drive. This, however, is not the case. Every time you think back to your third grade classroom that memory is reconstructed by your mind. This leads to the obvious conclusion that no two recollections are ever the same. In fact, our memories change over time and can influence one another.

Most of your decisions are subconscious
You can sustain a high level of attention for approximately 10 minutes
7 plus or minus 2
More people means less desire to compete
You overestimate your reaction to future events
You reconstruct your memories
Your brain is just as busy when you sleep
You cant multitask
Your most vivid memories are often flawed
You have a friend limit
Others are more easily influenced than you
Groups are bad at making decisions
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