things psychology tells you about yourself

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Your mind wanders 30 persent of the time

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself

Things Psychology Tells You About Yourself
Your mind wanders 30 persent of the time

Are you a day dreamer? According to scientists we all are, at least 30% of the time. Some of us though, wander a bit more than others. Thats not always a bad thing though, as researchers have pointed out that people with a high predisposition to mind wandering are generally more creative and better at solving problems.

Anticipation trumps experience
The ability to delay gratification starts young
Repetition physically changes your brain
7 plus or minus 2
You overestimate your reaction to future events
You can sustain a high level of attention for approximately 10 minutes
You imagine things from above and tilted
You reconstruct your memories
Groups are bad at making decisions
Others are more easily influenced than you
You have a friend limit
You cant multitask
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