healthy skin

Love your legs

Healthy Skin

Love your legs

Roughly half of all women over 50 have a few varicose or spider veins (enlarged blood vessels visible on the skin), usually on the legs. Gravity, aging, and genetics all play a role, but women who are on their feet a lot are at greater risk. Fixes include sclerotherapy (sealing off the veins) and laser treatments. Varicose or spider veins very rarely indicate a circulatory problem, but if one becomes swollen, warm, red, or tender, or if a rash or sore develops near it, see a doctor to rule out a dangerous blood clot. To help keep spider and varicose veins at bay, avoid sitting with legs crossed for long periods of time, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy weight.

Get enough quality sleep
Green tea
Eat it or wear it
Olive oil
Eat it or scrub it on
Drink it or press it on
Sip it or smooth it on
Stress less or workout more
Finally cut back on acidic fruits like oranges
Stop using concealer
Eat a healthy diet
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