the priciest lego sets on the market right now

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Mobile Crane MK II

The Priciest Lego Sets On The Market Right Now

The Priciest Lego Sets On The Market Right Now
Mobile Crane MK II

MSRP $219.99 The Technic line of Lego figures tend to have more complicated mechanical parts and generally run with a small motor and a battery pack. Fortunately, they arent too complicated to assemble for Legos target age group. Of course, we all know that the kids ask for Lego sets to build, but the parents are the ones that end up assembling them to be played with (or destroyed) later.

Batman s Tumbler
Grand Emporium
Imperial Shuttle 10212
Imperial Star Destroyer 10030
The Fairground Mixer
Grand Carousel 10196
Mindstorm EV3
Sydney Opera House
Tower Bridge 10214
Mobile Crane MK II
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