the priciest lego sets on the market right now

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Taj Mahal 10189

The Priciest Lego Sets On The Market Right Now

The Priciest Lego Sets On The Market Right Now
Taj Mahal 10189

If you need a little break from science fiction-basedStarWarssetsyou can jump into an architectural project building the Taj Mahal. The $299 set gives you more bang for your buck than the Collectors Millennium Falcon, boxing a total of 5,922 pieces (about 700 more than the Falcon). What also makes this set a bit more of a challenge for builders is that all the pieces are all generally the same color. This makes it especially difficult for those who like to dump all their Lego pieces into a pile rather than build bag-by-bag. Puzzle builders will attest to the difficulty of puzzles that dont vary too much incolororpatterns. The Lego model of the famous Taj Mahal palace in India was released in 2008.

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